Snack Time


The children have snack time usually an hour or so after the start of the session.


The children choose if they would like milk or water.


They then have a bread-based snack, e.g. naan bread, toast, bagel, tea cake, roll, followed by pieces of fruit.


If your child has a food allergy/intolerance or  is vegetarian/vegan please let us know before they start with us, so that we can have suitable food waiting for them. Snacks are included in your fees or funding.

Lunch Club


All children are welcome to stay until 1pm for Lunch Club (currently available every day). This hour can be included from your funding or you may want to pay separately at a cost of £5.35 for the hour. 


Children bring their lunch in a named lunch bag or box. An insulated kind is preferred.



We usually do have children with allergies and in common with all other education settings, nuts are not permitted in the room.

We have no desire to dictate to you what to put into your child's lunch boxes. We would, however, ask that you keep chocolate, sweets and crisps to a minimum and that at least one portion of fruit or vegetable is included. Fizzy drinks should also be avoided, as they tend to go everywhere! Water, fruit juice or sugar free squash is recommended for drinks.

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