About Us


Ofsted Reference Number & Report:

All early years education providers are required to be registered with Ofsted who regularly inspect us. The Ofsted website lists our conditions of registration and other information.


Our Ofsted URN is EY254847. We are rated "Good".


Please click here to find our latest report from our inspection in February 2019.

The Early Years' Foundation Stage (EYFS):

Until the end of the Reception year at school, and all during their time at pre-school, your child will be working along the EYFS.

This covers all aspects of a young child's development and is a tool to allow pre-schools to plan suitable activities and monitor a child's progress against age specific targets. EYFS allows for the fact that each child develops at their own individual pace, and enables us to spot if a child may be achieving ahead or below expectations in one or more areas, alerting us to the need to seek advice or make referrals to other children's services.


The link to the EYFS curriculum can be found below:

For information on the overview of the EYFS and how the pre-school implements it, please click here.